To encourage the student’s participant on WeChat Mini Game learning, stimulate their interest and enthusiasm for learning, as well as seeking and training contestants for Chinese University Computer Competition - WeChat Applet Development Competition (Mini-Game Category). From 20 November 2019 to 12 March 2020, the School of Software, SCNU organized the first WeChat Mini Game competition of the School of Software.


A total of 42 teams entered for the competition, and there have 33 teams (108 students) submitted their projects. After initial scoring by the panels, 10 teams (34 students) got into the final pitch.


On the afternoon of 12 March 2020, the School Of Software held an online final pitch via Tencent Meeting. Pan Jiahui, Vice-Dean of the School of Software delivered a speech about the overview of its competition, the panels Yang Guizhi, Li Qin, Jiao Xintao, etc attended the final pitch.